Integrated Sensor System


Integrated Sensor System

In addition to our primary family of Force Protection and Surveillance Systems, DFT offers customized sensor systems to fit your unique mission requirements. In a rapidly evolving threat environment, maintaining a dominant posture requires flexibility, rapid innovation, and scalability.

Our experience serving the most elite teams in the DoD has mandated maximized capability, accuracy, and efficiency with minimal infrastructure, set-up time, and cost. We avoid the “one size fits all” approach to Force Protection and Surveillance in a logical, repeatable, consistent manner, thereby hyper-enabling warfighters so they can focus on their primary mission parameters.

Redefining Force Protection

DFT solutions reduce the need for large quantities of manpower typically associated with "brute force" security methodologies, while maintaining simple setup and operation. This increased efficiency saves lives by reducing warfighter exposure to direct threats and delivers the tactical advantage of early threat detection and classification in any environment.

Flexible And Consistent

Hardware and software are interoperable across all product lines, ensuring a continuity of training, sparing, and operating familiarity. Because no two mission sets are the same, the DFT Seraphim core can mold to fit any unique requirement and augment operators with industry-leading hardware to fundamentally shift the balance of power in any area of operation.