The DFT Legion System is the premier solution for large scale base infrastructure force protection and surveillance requirements. It is the most powerful, flexible, and scalable AI-driven security system available to the Department of Defense. Developed in conjunction with elements of USSOCOM, the Legion System offers an unparalleled defensive posture that directly addresses the current deficiencies in base security operations. Legion can be delivered as a turn-key solution or can augment existing security infrastructure. Legion systems are completely customizable and can include capabilities such as:

Long and Medium Range High-Definition EO/IR Primary & Secondary Pan Tilt Zoom Systems

Modular Distributed Cameras

Laser Range Finding

Short Range High-Definition Day/Night Fixed Cameras

UAVs and Ground Robotics

Counter UAS

Wide Area Coverage Ground Radar

Acoustic Gunshot Detection


Magnetic/Motion Unattended Ground Sensor

Advanced Subterranean Intrusion and Penetration Detection

Video Analytics

Picture Enabled Passive Infrared (PEPIR)

BAMS modular mast Legion Towers

Distributed Seraphim Core Backend

Locally Hosted User Interface


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