The Odin kit represent DFT’s mid-tier offering for roll-on/roll-off and fly-away force protection missions. A scaled down version of the Legion System designed for “first-in” or mobile operations in austere environments, Odin brings to bear the power of Seraphim in areas with little to no infrastructure. The kits are completely customizable to mission-specific requirements and can be used to augment or replace current capabilities. Easily stowed in pelican cases and palletized for rapid deployment, Odin delivers an unparalleled defensive posture that can augment, and in certain circumstances, replace traditional force protection elements. Ideal for Expeditionary or Contingency Response Elements as well as Forward Operating installations, Temporary Airfields, and Temporary Critical Infrastructure CONOP, Odin provides the most technologically advanced perimeter defense and situational awareness platform available today. 


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