Welcome to the most advanced tactical artificial intelligence sensor fusion available.


The Seraphim core can integrate any standards-based sensor into its ecosystem, enabling sensors to inform the actions and reactions of sibling sensors in the network with minimal operator direction. The system is constantly and proactively monitoring for threat anomalies using a multi-modal threat authentication framework that can independently verify and classify threats using multiple independent sensors that work in tandem to reduce uncertainty and clearly display essential data to support rapid decision-making. This approach reduces the cognitive load on the operator, increases network sensor efficacy, reduces false-positive alerts, and dramatically increases command-level decision accuracy.


Seraphim can integrate virtually any mission-specific capabilities that include, but are not limited to, facial recognition, license plate reading, automated system-wide be-on-the-lookout (BOLO), vehicle identification and tagging, advanced SIGINT collection and tagging, UAS and cUAS integrated automation, ground radar motion tracking, high-fidelity wireless communications, geofencing exclusion and inclusion zones, black/white listing of vehicles/persons, EO/IR 4k video streaming, HD thermal and low-light optical sensors, live DVR recording for rapid interrogation of video feeds, and more.


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