About Us

Digital Force Technologies is a defense technology firm that develops and fields advanced Tactical Artificial Intelligence, Surveillance, and Force Protection products and systems to the most elite units in the United States military. The genesis of the company extends back over 20 years and has been almost exclusively focused on technology and prototype development for the most elite military units in the United States arsenal. Our capability set has been shaped over the last two decades of warfare in direct support of some of the most sensitive, demanding, and technologically sophisticated operations ever conceived by the US government. The DFT portfolio of core systems has been incubated on the battlefield and evolved by a necessity to surpass the capabilities of our most technologically advanced adversaries. While many organizations have touted “sensor integration”, “advanced situational awareness” and “tactical artificial intelligence” to the warfighting community, no other organization has the depth of experience and direct relation to combat elements that DFT has been fortunate enough to support.

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