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Seraphim Intelligent Sensing Solutions

Seraphim-ISS is DFT’s advanced multi-domain sensing capability, leveraging the SeraphimOS architecture and scalable hardware solutions to provide mission tailored capabilities.


Specialized sensing systems purpose built to support critical missions in challenging environments.


Advanced, multi-node sensing systems for autonomous maritime and base perimeter security.


Rapidly deployable, all-domain systems for distributed operations in austere environments.


Autonomous Human-Machine Teamed (HMT) systems built for the future of force protection.


SeraphimOS Overview

SeraphimOS is the core software architecture powering the next generation of intelligent sensing solutions. SeraphimOS synthesizes data into actionable information by applying advanced edge processing, sensor fusion, and a flexible AI/ML framework. SeraphimOS enhances decision-making and operational efficiency while reducing cognitive load on the warfighter.

Edge Processing & Automation:

Real-time data analysis and system autonomy for effective decision-making.

Multi-Modal Sensor Fusion:

Comprehensive situational awareness through multi-modal sensing.

Advanced AI/ML Technologies:

Adaptable intelligence for evolving mission requirements.

Flexible Open Architecture:

Seamless integration into sensing capabilities and other command and control systems.

Intuitive User Experience:

User-friendly operation for strategic and tactical advantage.

Hardware Capabilities

Scalable Hardware Solutions

Edge Processing

Ruggedized edge processing systems, mission tailored for any size, weight, and power requirements.

Tower Systems

Lightweight, modular, scalable sensor system for rapid deployment and low-signature operations.

Expeditionary sensing platform for fully remote, continuous operations.

Advanced muti-modal sensing system for challenging installation security applications.

Specialized Sensor Systems

Unparalleled threat detection, classification, and localization for strategic terrestrial and maritime deployments.

Unique technologies for the most critical missions.


About Digital Force Technologies

DFT is the premier, edge-first solution provider for joint, multi-domain sensing providing actionable information for tactical operations and strategic decision making. Our dedication to the warfighter and their mission has established DFT as a trusted partner to US and Allied defense communities.

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